I’m thankful for youtube because it enabled me to watch so many good content, the one that used to need a lot of money or very hard to find kind of content. This is the list of video I watched or listend today from Youtube:

  1. The Magic of Thinking Big audiobook
  2. Many reviews about phone (because I still can’t decide which phone to buy and phone this day is so confusing)
  3. Tulus concert from 2019, it feels kinda weird to see so many people but it brings back memory how concert used to be (even though I never went to a concert before) I watched this and this
  4. Incredible Ted Talk by Patti Dobrowolski ( Draw your future and Creative Genius: You )
  5. A few workout videos ( Do THIS To Make Your 6 Pack POP OUT from THENX and Soca & Dancehall Inspired Dance Workout by and8 Fitness )

I realized I used to take this for granted, but now I appreciate it more. I watched the ads, because I want to support the content creator who work so hard to made videos and keep building their channel until it pops up in my screen and bring so much value and joy in my day.

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